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Why do we sing?

The singing voice is without doubt the closest we can be to actual sound: we become as one with its music, and our whole body vibrates to it.

Where does the voice come from, what is it made of?

Birds also sing, and they produce astonishingly percussive sounds from their small bodies.

But we cannot sing as spontaneously as birds, and the objective complexity of classical music prevents singers from depending on nature only.


"La Lettre du musicien"
France, March 2015

Against all odds, despite his complaints about the difficulties of running a privately-run orchestra,  Lionel Stoléru is still at the helm of his European Romantics Orchestra for the 10th consecutive year.
For this evening, celebrating the nineteenth century writer Victor Hugo and the music he inspired -and there was plenty of choice available- the Salle Gaveau in Paris was packed.

Lionel Stoléru was accompanied by three solo performers, including the mezzo-soprano  Véra Nikolova, who sang with her usual confident and powerful voice.
"A moment of enchantment. Vera Nikolova seduced us both by her interpretation and the profoundness and warmth of her voice.  One of her greatest qualities is her generosity, both musically and towards her public.  Handel’s profane arias allowed us to savor the elegance of her vocalization, as well the strength of her voice in the “ forte” passages."

Sofia, Bulgaria

"An extraordinary talented singer with a keen knowledge of musical styles and great sensibility. A rare mezzo soprano who combines perfect technique and musicality, skilled on stage, showing a rich expressivity and artistry."

Toronto, Canada

"The concert was a magic moment.  Without any doubt, she has an artistic nature, controls and colors her voice at will.  She shows us the greatest composers’ high summits and brings us to them."


"Vera Nikolova has a sure footing in the pan-European material. Her Italian sounds genuinely Italian, unlike so many non-Italians on the concert stage, and she has an instinctive grasp of when to be gentle, poignant or emphatic.   She has a keen sense of drama and knows how to project it."
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